About Me



Hi, my name is Amy! Welcome to my tiny corner of the universe! I am a wife, boy mom, Jesus follower, music lover, former high school teacher, and ashamed latte drinker that has recently rediscovered a love for writing. I claim no expertise, only thoughts and experiences.

My sole desire here in this space is to offer encouragement and hope to others. It may not come in a way that most would expect, though. It will not often be pretty. The edges are sometimes rough, the box has usually been stomped on a few dozen times, the wrapping paper looks worn through and ripped up, and bows… there are no bows. Hallmark will never come knocking on my door. BUT, you can always count on the presence of truth.

Life is messy, hard, and broken… but even so, redeemed and beautiful! I invite you to walk alongside me in this ever-evolving, much larger-than-me story.

Love & Peace, Amy